Hi. My name is Jeremy Lyons. It is a great pleasure for me to perform for young people.

I sing playful songs with which many of us grew up (parents tend to enjoy my shows as much as the kids) and write a few silly numbers of my own. I like to share a variety of instruments and sounds with my friends. I sing, play guitar, six-string banjo and ukulele. I also dabble with the harmonica, jaw-harp (also known as the jews harp) piano, and 5-string banjo. I have performed for kids at schools, summer camps, street corners, concert halls, toy stores, birthday parties, picnics, living rooms, my front porch in New Orleans, my back-deck in Cambridge, and I'm sure some other places in between. Playing for young people is fun. None of the preconceived notions, none of the prejudiced "tastes" (or lack thereof) with which many of us older (and un-wiser) people tend to hamper ourselves. Hear music, clap, dance, move, sing. Simple as that. Join us!

I am leading sing-alongs for kids (& friends) twice a week in Cambridge, Massachusetts; every Saturday from 11 am to noon I am at Stellabella Toys in Inman Square (1360 Cambridge St), and every Monday from 11am to 11:30 I am at the Stellabella Toys in Porter Sq (1967 Mass Ave). I also sing regularly at the Fox Branch Library in Arlington, MA, generally on the third or fourth Thursday each month, from 10-10:30 in the morning. These shows have become very popular and I am happy to see many regulars coming back again and again to enjoys singing, dancing, and listening.

I have performed and led music workshops at the Boston Children's Museum and the Children's Museum of Louisiana in New Orleans, and continue to perform in schools, at school events, birthday parties and festivals
throughout New England and Louisiana.


My current CD is entitled "Jeremy Lyons Delta-Silly Music for Kids." It was recorded and mixed by Steve Friedman at Melville Park Studios in Boston. I have uploaded a few of the songs onto this page for your enjoyment. If you are interested in purchasing the record, it can be ordered from my website: http://www.deltasillymusic.com/cd.html It can also be purchased through Stellabella Toys in Cambridge, MA, and at CDBaby.com.

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